Life is filled with unfair things


ROCKSTAR: This hideous rock star can have any woman he wants without trying at all.
He doesn’t have to speak, shower, go to the gym, go to work, go on dates, tell good stories, cook, or even use a phone. All he does is play an instrument, and not very well. This is unfair. But Moyee FairChain Coffee is fairer than that.

Hi there.

This page is for the fairest of FairChain fans. It’s full of beautiful video fragments and hilarious sound bytes and crazy artwork all around our provocative 2016 campaign called ‘Moyee is Fairer than Life’. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come back often, because throughout the year we will continuously add new funny stuff that makes our mission clearer and our philosophy more... human. Because if there’s one thing we can all agree on: ``Life is filled with unfair things, but Moyee FairChain coffee is fairer than those things.”

COPS & DONUTS: It’s unfair that hard-working cops can’t eat donuts without being a cliché. Moyee is fairer than that.

DREAM CAR: It’s unfair that when you finally have the money to buy your dream car it’s called ‘mid-life’ crises. Moyee is fairer than that.

ATHEISTS: It’s unfair that Atheists will never know if they are right or not. Moyee is fairer than that.

END OF DAYS: We are all going to die someday, and all of our achievements will turn into nothingness.
Everyone and everything will simply turn into insignificant dust. Dust that is so insignificant that it won’t even be dust.
It will be nothing. Just like us. This is unfair. But Moyee FairChain Coffee is fairer than that.

We are social entrepreneurs, radical innovators, accessible coffee geeks. That’s Moyee in a nutshell.

This is our story....

 You can’t change every unfair thing, but you can drink FairChain coffee.

Come on – you know you want to!